Postoperative Imaging of Sports Injuries

Emma Rowbotham, Andrew J. Grainger

This book describes and illustrates the normal and abnormal postoperative appearances that may be observed following common orthopaedic surgical procedures in patients with sports injuries. The majority of sports injuries comprise ligamentous, cartilage, and tendon injuries at and about the joints. While surgical repair techniques for such injuries have advanced immeasurably over recent years, it is essential that any postoperative abnormalities are recognized promptly. Therefore a key aim of Postoperative Imaging of Sports Injuries is to explain which imaging appearances are to be expected and which are not. The book is primarily organized according to the involved joints and covers procedures for shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist, hip, knee, and foot and ankle injuries. An additional chapter addresses articular cartilage repair techniques and their normal and abnormal imaging appearances. The authors are leading radiologists from Europe and North America who draw on their extensive experience. The book is copiously illustrated and readers will also have online access to ultrasound video clips.


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