Practical Urological Ultrasound

Pat F. Fulgham, Bruce R. Gilbert

Practical Urological Ultrasound has become a primary reference for urologists and sonographers performing urologic ultrasound examinations. This third edition is comprised of twenty-two chapters including newly added chapters on technical advancements in ultrasound, male reproduction ultrasound, point-of-care ultrasound, quality assessment and implementation for urologic practices, and sonographers in the urologic practice. All chapters are fully updated and expanded, covering additional literature on further elucidation of Doppler ultrasound principles, sonoelastography, quantitative evaluation of the clinical causes of ED, evaluations of the pelvic mesh implant and its complications, developments in multiparametic ultrasound of the prostate, and updated protocols in POCUS.

Written by experts in the field of urology, Practical Urological Ultrasound, Third Edition continues to serve as an important resource for the novice and a comprehensive reference for the advanced sonographer.


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