Diagnostic Imaging: Musculoskeletal Non-Traumatic Disease, 2nd Edition

Cheryl A. Petersilge

The newest edition of Manaster’s Diagnostic Imaging: Musculoskeletal Non-Traumatic Disease combines the largest number of musculoskeletal images with the broadest non-trauma coverage available. Featuring more than 300 diagnoses highlighting the most recent information, references, and images, it serves as a practical, highly formatted guide that’s well-suited for practicing radiologists who desire a better understanding of the intricacies of musculoskeletal diseases.


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11 thoughts on “Diagnostic Imaging: Musculoskeletal Non-Traumatic Disease, 2nd Edition

  1. 1siddiganie says:

    Thanks, this book is excellent. If you can get the traumatic disease version and the new edition of musculoskeletal MRI by Asif Saifuddin,that will be great.

  2. salauddin_rad says:

    Diagnostic Imaging: Oncology: Published by Amirsys

    Can not download,link not working.
    If possible please update link/ re- upload.
    Thank you.

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