Get Through FRCR Part 2B: Rapid Reporting of Plain Radiographs

Get through frcr part 2bBy

  • Nisha Sharma MBChB BSc (Hons) MRCP FRCR Consultant Radiologist, Bradford Royal Infirmary, Bradford, UK
  • Anu Balan MBBS MRCP Specialist Registrar in Radiology, Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds, UK

Get Through FRCR Part 2B: Rapid Reporting of Plain Radiographs fulfils a need for an exam style revision book to aid interpretation of plain radiographic films. Consisting of seven practice papers, each containing 30 high quality images, the material is arranged in a ‘test’ format. For each case, the reader is presented with one or more films and invited to make a diagnosis. As in the actual exam, some radiographs showing normal variants are interspersed with the pathology. At the end of each practice paper, the answers are given, together with useful hints and tips for the reader, including details to look out for in order to make a correct diagnosis.

Written by specialists who have passed or who are embarking on the FRCR and who are now involved in teaching rapid reporting skills, Get Through FRCR Part 2B is primarily aimed at Radiology trainee registrars sitting the second part of the Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiology (FRCR) exams, but will also be useful for other medical practitioners, such as junior doctors working in the emergency department, or in surgery, orthopaedics and general medicine. In addition, it will appeal to radiographers training to report plain films, and to medical students.

  • 210 films presented, set out in the exam’s rapid reporting format
  • Learn the techniques required to successfully pass the exam
  • Includes the more difficult films and abnormal radiographs to stretch candidates’ knowledge
  • Offers useful tips to help candidates memorize key facts
  • The essential revision book for candidates of the Final FRCR 2B exam


Note: Only Radiology member can download this ebook. Learn more here! 

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