Rapid On-Site Evaluation (ROSE) in Diagnostic Interventional Pulmonology : Volume 4: Metagenomic Sequencing Application in Difficult Cases of Infectious Diseases


Jing Feng, Bo Wu, Erlie Jiang, Wen Li, Chen Meng

This book covers up-to-date evidence of Rapid on-site evaluation (ROSE) for diagnosis of rare disease and used combined with metagenomic sequencing technique in clinical scenarios. ROSE has becoming an efficient interventional diagnostics tool and important reference for lung diseases differentiation, increasing the adequacy rate, diagnostic yield and accuracy of the interventional pulmonary procedures.

ROSE has its value in the field of evaluating sampling adequacy for further immunohistochemistry, microbiology studies, flow cytometry analysis, and molecular assays; DNA analysis of biopsy specimens using sequencing technique is performed to provide clue of etiology, which is an emerging pathway for clinical dilemmas. The first part of the book discusses the principals of performing ROSE procedures and reviews the basic concepts and summarized knowledge of key anatomical structures in lung.

Figures of ROSE cytopathology, together with clinical data, results of metagenomic sequencing technique are presented to demonstrate how the difficulties in clinical practice could be tackled with the help of advanced techniques. Further application direction and perspective are also discussed, which provides researchers with more insights on the discipline and techniques.

This book is part of the 4-volume collection ROSE in Diagnostic Interventional Pulmonology.


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