Multislice CT

Konstantin Nikolaou, Fabian Bamberg, Andrea Laghi, Geoffrey Rubin


The fourth edition of this well-received book offers a comprehensive update on recent developments and trends in the clinical and scientific applications of multislice computed tomography. Following an initial section on the most significant current technical aspects and issues, detailed information is provided on a comprehensive range of diagnostic applications. Imaging of the head and neck, the cardiovascular system, the abdomen, and the lungs is covered in depth, describing the application of multislice CT in a variety of tumors and other pathologies. Emerging fields such as pediatric imaging and CT-guided interventions are fully addressed, and emergency CT is also covered. Radiation exposure, dual-energy imaging, contrast enhancement, image postprocessing, CT perfusion imaging, and CT angiography all receive close attention. The new edition has been comprehensively revised and complemented by contributions from highly experienced and well-known authors who offer diverse perspectives, highlighting the possibilities offered by the most modern multidetector CT systems. This book will be particularly useful for general users of CT systems who wish to upgrade and enhance not only their machines but also their knowledge.


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