Digital Mammography: A Holistic Approach

by Peter Hogg (Editor), Judith Kelly (Editor), Claire Mercer (Editor)

Presently there is no single evidence-based publication which covers the range of mammography and mammography-related techniques used in practice. This book addresses this deficiency. Therefore, the purpose of this book is to offer a single publication to be utilised comprehensively as a reference manual within current mammographic clinical practice for use by assistant practitioners and practitioners as well as trainees in radiography and related disciplines. In recent years mammographic clinical practice and technology have evolved rapidly and become increasingly sophisticated, this book will cover these issues. The public feel increasingly empowered to ‘have a say’ in their care and expectations of their mammography experience is high. Consequently a well-trained, well-informed practitioner is of paramount importance in clinical practice today. This book addresses patient/client-related issues in the form of psychological and emotional support they may require. This will enable the reader to gain insight into the patient/client perspective and thereby assist in meeting their needs.



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