Imaging Acute Neurologic Disease: A Symptom-Based Approach

by Massimo Filippi (Editor), Jack H. Simon (Editor)

While conventional magnetic resonance, X-ray-based, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine techniques are widely used to facilitate diagnosis, inform therapeutic decision-making, provide information regarding prognosis, and monitor therapeutic response in neurologic diseases, their practical value in acute clinical care is not as yet well-defined and the potential future development is not fully appreciated. This book provides a comprehensive survey of best practice for specialists and trainees in neurology, emergency medicine, neuroradiology, radiology, neurosurgery, and critical care. The symptom-based approach guides the choice of the available imaging tools for efficient, accurate, and cost-effective diagnosis to support immediate management of common and complex neurological disorders in the acute setting. Effective examination algorithms are included that integrate neurological and imaging concepts with the practical demands and constraints of emergency care. Written by leading international authorities, the book is extensively illustrated and contains many helpful case-histories. Emphasis on a symptom-based approach to imaging in the acute setting is emphasized – aids quick and accurate diagnostic decisions for acute management of patients Offers effective examination algorithms – provides critical information for physicians diagnosing and managing acute neurologic disorders Contains many illustrations, case-histories and practical examples – enables learning from real cases



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