Women’s Imaging: MRI with Multimodality Correlation

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  • Michele A. Brown (Editor), Haydee Ojeda-Fournier (Editor), Dragana Djilas (Editor), Mohamed El-Azzazi (Editor), Richard C. Semelka (Editor)

Women’s Imaging: MRI with Multimodality Correlation is the latest volume in the growing Wiley-Blackwell radiology series Current Clinical Imaging, edited by Richard Semelka, MD. It is first book available anywhere that offers a concise and richly illustrated overview of the whole topic of women’s imaging with primary emphasis on MR imaging. Specifically, the book covers MR imaging techniques, imaging strategies for women’s health, normal anatomy of the pelvis and breast, and various disease processes and their imaging appearances. Practical image interpretation is emphasized throughout the book, making clear use of tables and checklists for reviewing images, and offering careful examination of differential diagnoses and special notes on key learning points. Special emphasis is given to MRI – which is widely regarded as the newest, most complex, least well understood, and often most definitive imaging modality available to those who practice women’s imaging – but correlations to other imaging modalities such as X-ray, CT scan, and ultrasound are frequently provided.


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    Tnm Staging Atlas With Oncoanatomy
    Lippincott Williams and Wilkins.
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